New Quantum Break trailer coming tomorrow

Xbox and Remedy Games are preparing for big day of Quantum Break news this Thursday.

Since it was announced along with the Xbox One in the spring of 2013, gamers have seen little of Remedy Games’ next game Quantum Break. Scheduled to launch in just under two months, Xbox and Remedy are nearly ready to show gamers what they have in store.

This afternoon, the official Xbox Twitter shared this tantalizing tease.

Remedy Games’ Creative Director Sam Lake also took to Twitter today to say there was more than just a new trailer coming tomorrow.

Though details are sparse, Remedy hosted a week long play session with gaming journalists a few weeks back to give them plenty of hands-on time with the Quantum Break. It’s likely that plenty of first impressions of the game will hit the web tomorrow afternoon.


Are you excited for more Quantum Break news? Are you hoping Remedy reveals more about the game’s story, or are you hoping the plot stays a mystery until launch? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments or on Twitter!

Quantum Break launches on Xbox One April 5, 2016.


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