Quantum Break includes pre-order bonuses from Xbox

Pre-ordering Quantum Break from the Xbox Marketplace will grant you access to more of Remedy’s classic games.

Thanks to a Marketplace update last night, Remedy Games’ upcoming Quantum Break is officially available for digital pre-order on Xbox One. As an added bonus, everyone who pre-order’s Quantum Break on the Xbox will also get Alan Wake (all DLC included) and Alan Wake: American Nightmare free of charge. Both Xbox 360 games will be fully playable on Xbox One via backwards compatibility. Here are the details straight from the store page:

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 8.05.12 AM


Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 8.06.31 AM.png

To make that more succinct: pre-ordering the game will grant you access to Alan Wake: American Nightmare within 10 days of pre-ordering. Then, within 10 days of Quantum Break’s release you’ll gain access to the original Alan Wake.


It’s a bit odd that they are giving away the original game after American Nightmare, but you can probably chalk that up to the original not performing up-to-snuff on Xbox One back compat just yet.

As a reminder, there will most definitely be more Quantum Break news today and Xbox has confirmed we’re also getting a new trailer for the game later this afternoon!

Quantum Break launches on Xbox One April 5, 2016.



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