“Fallout 4” DLC revealed

Developer Bethesda has ambitious DLC plans coming to Fallout 4 in the coming months.

This morning, RPG goliath Bethesda at last revealed just what season pass holders and Fallout fanatics alike can look forward to this spring.


In the official press release, Bethesda first detailed their March content update titled “Automatron.” In the DLC, deadly robot hordes are invading the commonwealth and as you obliterate them, you can collect parts and build your own custom robo-companion. A nifty little add-on for $9.99


Then, in April, “Wasteland Workshop” will bring even more customization to the commonwealth. You’ll gain the ability to capture some of the wasteland’s greatest threats and train them or pit them against one another in fighting rings. Bethesda also promises more customization options for your settlements including better lighting options and even taxidermy for just $4.99.


Finally, in May, Bethesda plans to launch “Far Harbor.” In this pack, you’ll leave the cozy commonwealth for hostile territory of the coast of Maine. According to Bethesda, this area has seen harsher radiation and will host even deadlier monsters and ghouls. “Far Harbor” also promises to be the largest land mass add-on Bethesda has ever made and will feature plenty of action to justify its hefty $24.99 price tag.


Because of the new DLC announcement, Bethesda has decided to add even more add-on content throughout the rest of 2016. For that reason, the current season pass price of $29.99 will be bumped up to $49.99. Before you call foul, Bethesda is giving everyone until March 1, 2016 to snag the season pass at the $29.99 price point.

Lastly, Bethesda encourages long-time fans of the franchise to sign-up to play DLC early in a beta format. The beta DLC will be playable on all platforms and will grant selected applicants the add-ons for free.

What do you think of Bethesda’s first batch of DLC? Do you plan on picking up the season pass now at the lower price point? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments or on Twitter!



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