Resident Evil 4,5 and 6 coming to next-gen

Capcom’s classic horror franchise is set to rerelease three games in 2016.

Continuing Resident Evil’s 20 anniversary celebration, Capcom is set to launch Resident Evil 4-6 on Xbox One and PS4 throughout 2016.

Thankfully, the wait for more Resident Evil on next-gen isn’t too long. First, Resident Evil 6 is launching on March 29 followed by Resident Evil 5 in the summer and Resident Evil 4 later this fall. While veterans of the franchise will have no trouble adjusting to the release schedule, it’s bizarre that Capcom would release the games in reverse order. By launching essentially backwards, the new generation of gamers will miss out on playing the games in the order they were released.


As far as the “next-gen treatment” is concerned, it has yet to be revealed to what extent Capcom is remastering the games. While Resident Evil 6 and, to a lesser extent, Resident Evil 5 have held up quite well in the graphics department, the trailer really shows just how aged Resident Evil 4 is looking these days. In addition to the assumed upscaling of resolution and framerate improvements, hopefully Capcom will consider redoing some of the dated textures.

Do you plan on diving back into more Resident Evil this year, or are you sick of remasters? Feel free to share your thoughts in the commentsor on Twitter!


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