New Xbox One preview update rolls out today

Thanks to a blog update from Xbox’s Major Nelson, we have a first look at the March Xbox One update.

Starting today, select Xbox One preview program members will gain access to the March update. First things first, check out Major’s video showing off the new features:

For those of you who can’t watch the video, here’s a summary of everything new:

View and buy Xbox 360 Backward Compatible games directly on Xbox One: At last, backwards compatible games can be purchased and downloaded directly from the Xbox Marketplace.


Party Chat in Twitch broadcasts: Streaming on Xbox One has been a great addition to the platform, but a notable missing feature was the ability to feature your party chat in your stream. Thanks to the new update, you and your friends can stream your battle chatter straight to Twitch.

Output Party Chat to your headset and speakers simultaneously: You can now blast your party and game chat through your speakers and your headset.


Customizable Game DVR recording length: “Record That” now allows you to set clips to record at different lengths. You can now record various intervals up to 5 minutes in length simply by tapping the “Record That” button.

Track Achievement progress in the Xbox One guide: Viewing achievements on Xbox One has been further streamlined. You can now view achievement progress on the left of the screen in the quick guide menu.1603-05.png

16-person Party Chat: Upping the ante from 12 to 16 players in private party chat certainly seems like a way to have rowdy conversations, but the Xbox team is making it even more fun to chat with even more friends when you’re soaking up multiplayer action.

For the full details of the March update, be sure to head over to Major Nelson’s blog!

What do you think of the new features coming later today to preview members? What features are you still waiting for? Share your thoughts in the comments below or on Twitter!



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