“No Man’s Sky” release date revealed, special editions detailed

Hello Games’ space explorer is coming to PS4 and PC early this summer.

At long last, Hello Games has announced that No Man’s Sky is launching on PS4 and PC June 21, 2016. While the developer has been clear about June being the target launch period, this is the first time they revealed the game’s price point: $59.99.


While that is fairly typical for AAA releases like Dark Souls III or Call of Duty, it’s somewhat surprising that the indie project would retail at full price. Still, Hello Games has repeatedly shown off how expansive their make-your-own-adventure space explorer is, so there certainly isn’t doubt that the game will lack substantial content.

Alongside the standard release, Hello Games is also launching platform specific special editions of the game.

First, PS4 gamers can pick up No Man’s Sky Limited Edition for $79.99. In the special bundle, you’ll find an art book, a steel case, a comic and a starter boost pack to help get you on your feet.


Then, online retailer iam8bit has an exclusive No Man’s Sky Explorer Edition retailing at $149.99. In their special edition, iam8bit features a metal replica of your ship, a diorama to display your ship with, a hard enamel pin and a special mystery item (worth $10) will be revealed closer to launch. The Explorer Edition is limited to 10,000 copies, so be sure to pre-order if the bundle tickles your fancy!


What do you think of the No Man’s Sky announcements today? Do you think the $60 price point is fair? How do you feel about the special editions? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments or on Twitter!


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