Microsoft cancels “Fable Legends” — in discussion to close Lionhead Studios

Two Europe-based Xbox developers have been hit with big cancellations this morning.

Microsoft Studios Europe revealed this morning that Fable Legends is being cancelled and that developer Lionhead Studios may be closing as well. With it, another Europe-based studio, Press Play, is also closing down.

While certainly not as well-known as Lionhead, Press Play created Max: Curse of Brotherhood and was in the middle of developing Project Knoxville for Windows 10 and Xbox One.


General Manager of Xbox Studios Europe Hanno Lemke promised that other Europe based studios will still be working with the Xbox brand and that the team is working hard to find jobs for all of those effected but the sudden studio closings.

Concept art for Press Play’s now cancelled “Project Knoxville”

Both Project Knoxville and Fable Legends were in a playable state in closed beta, so we’ll have to see if the current versions of the game will ever be released publicly or if they’ll disappear in video game limbo a lá Hideo Kojima’s P.T..

For the full statement from Xbox Studios Europe, be sure to check out the official press release.

What do you think about the recent studio closures? Do you think Fable will be put on permanent hiatus for Windows and Xbox? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments or on Twitter!


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