Witcher 3 “Blood and Wine” DLC release date revealed

Developer CD Projekt Red’s final Witcher 3 DLC is coming later this month.

After rumors and leaks over recent months, CD Projekt Red officially announced that the hefty “Blood and Wine” expansion for Witcher 3 will launch on PS4, Xbox One and PC May 31. To help kick off the unveiling, the developers have also released a short teaser.

Last fall, CD Projekt Red launched “Hearts of Stone” which set Geralt on a 10-hour quest set in the same locations as the base game. In “Blood and Wine,” players will be brought to an entirely new area, Toussaint. Here, players will be able to embark on a 20+ hour quest line to discover dark secrets within beautiful locations. As part of the DLC, CD Projekt Red are giving protagonist Geralt his very own vineyard in Toussaint where players can relax after hours of monster hunting.

“Blood and Wine” is included in the season pass ($24.99) or can be bought á la carte for $19.99.


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