Ubisoft has big plans for Watch Dogs 2

In an investor call earlier this week, Ubisoft’s CEO confirmed Watch Dogs 2 for 2016 release.

With the next Assassin’s Creed due out sometime in 2017, Ubisoft has big plans for this fall’s Watch Dogs 2. CEO Yves Guillemot called Watch Dogs Ubisoft’s “biggest title” for 2016.

“[Watch Dogs] has been one of Ubisoft’s best-selling games of all times,” said Guillemot. “[Watch Dogs 2] will once again surprise players with a new tone and innovative hacking gameplay possibilities.”


A new tone and innovative hacking are definitely a welcome change to the series. 2014’s Watch Dogs protagonist was a bit grim, and the hacking gameplay became mundane and repetitive in the final hours. It’s great to see Ubisoft heard fans and critics complaints in time to make changes to the sequel.

Along the lines of a new tone, Ubisoft is allegedly changing their protagonist for the sequel. While the account has since been made private, earlier this month, an actor leaked the following picture of the supposed Watch Dogs 2 protagonist with the caption “blast doing motion capture work as the lead character in a new video game series” with the hashtag “#WatchDogs2.”


What do you think of the recent Watch Dogs 2 news and leaks? What do you want to see Ubisoft change in the sequel? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below or on Twitter!


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