Recycled Xbox Gamertags open up later this week

Nearly a million inactive Xbox gamertags will be reopened to the public in the coming days.

Today, Xbox Live’s Major Nelson revealed that on May 18 at 2 p.m. ET, a rollout will begin to open up hundreds of thousands of inactive gamertags. The tags will only be available to Xbox users that have at least one cumulative year of Xbox Live Gold tenure.


Major Nelson said many of the gamertags are from the original Xbox era from well over a decade ago. Many of these tags never transitioned to the Xbox 360 era, so many are quite old.

While the chances of getting the exact tag you want may be slim, the Xbox Live team also suggests that you try to get your desired gamertag numerous times throughout the 18th and 19th as the rollout continues. Nelson said the periodic rollout of tags is done to ensure all users regardless of time zone has a decent chance at finding a name they want.

As always, current Gold subscribers that fit the criteria to access the new gamertags can do so right from their Xbox console of choice. Additionally, Major Nelson suggests using’s “change gamertag” tab as the most convenient way to search for and change your tag.

Do you plan on looking for a new gamertag? Feel free to share your plans for the 18th in comments below or on Twitter!


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