Call of Duty Black Ops joins Xbox back compat

After months of waiting, fans of the Call of Duty franchise can finally enjoy Black Ops on Xbox One.

Spotted last night on Reddit, the Xbox 360 dashboard began showing the following image on the home screen. While gamers aren’t yet able to install Black Ops on Xbox One, it seems its release to the backwards compatibility program is imminent.


Although no one from the Xbox team has officially confirmed the leak, Xbox’s Co-director of Programming Mike Ybarra took to Twitter last night to tease some sort of reveal.

Ybarra’s tweet was sent out around 10:30 p.m. meaning his 13.5-hour countdown should end at 9 a.m. PT/noon ET. While I’m down for another gaming-related surprise today, I would be surprised if Ybarra and the Xbox team won’t be officially announcing Black Ops joining the backwards compatibility program.

For the full backwards compatibility game list, be sure to visit the official list at


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