How Battlefield 1 changes up the series’ old habits

Despite only being revealed in May, Battlefield 1 developers are touting big multiplayer changes.

For the better part of a decade, the Battlefield franchise has focused on impressive destruction and a high level of detail. This October’s Battlefield 1 is no different, and developer DICE is making substantial upgrades to make all out war even more realistic.

First, the developer has left the minimized destruction from Battlefield 3 and 4 behind, and is instead returning to Battlefield Bad Company’s roots with destruction that can level entire maps. With the power of next-gen consoles and PC, DICE is also working to make ground that can be cratered and raised by grenades and other explosives. Although it has yet to be confirmed, Battlefield fans are also speculating that soldiers will be able to dig trenches using spades.

[BF1] Pretty cool show of the destruction a heavy tank can do (from Neebs Gaming's latest video). - Imgur.gif

Along with revamped destruction, DICE has also worked to add minute changes like dynamic weather to make each battle feel unique. 2013’s Battlefield 4 dabbled in weather effects, but ultimately the results were scripted events that behaved the same way each time you played. With fog, rain and possibly sandstorms in some of Battlefield 1’s desert maps, DICE is hoping to keep levels fresh and unpredictable.

Dynamic weather systems will also alter the way you tackle each multiplayer match’s objectives. When rain and fog roll into some of the Europe-based levels, your ability to snipe players across the map will be tested. Additionally, DICE has implemented new effects to weaponry to make them visually react to whatever weather you’re enduring. Rifle and tank barrels will now drip with fallen rain as you move, and firing weapons near to the ground will even kick up dirt and dust.

SQYldhl - Imgur.gif

All of these things together ultimately lead to a return to form for the franchise after Battlefield 4’s sloppy launch. With destruction that makes every battle different and weather that can turn gorgeous rolling hillsides into muddy death pits, it’s clear DICE is working hard to deliver a realistic multiplayer shooter that will keep players engaged for months.

Battlefield 1 launches on Xbox One, PS4 and PC October 21, 2016. Gamers willing to shell out extra dough can invest in the Early Enlister Digital Deluxe version of the game, which will launch three days earlier on October 18.


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