Xbox team to invite more preview members to the new update

A hefty Xbox One update is rolling out to more gamers as the build becomes more stable.

Brad Rossetti of the Xbox team sent out a short tweet this morning letting preview members know they might soon be added to the latest update preview.

The preview, which debutedĀ for a select number of gamers a few weeks back, adds several new features and tweaks to the Xbox One user interface. First and foremost, the long awaited Cortana has at last debut. While it’s a little buggy in its current state, many will be happy to hear you can interact and ask Cortana questions whether you’re using a headset or Kinect.

A glimpse at the new store

Along with the digital assistant, the Xbox Marketplace has also been revamped to be slightly more efficient. The “My Games & Apps” folder has been moved from the bottom to the top of the Home screen. While its a minute improvement, it does make it slightly faster to browse your games. “My Games & Apps” has also gotten a face lift to make sorting and finding your things much faster.

The revamped “My Games & Apps” is a huge improvement

Additionally, a new pre-order system has been put in place. Instead of charging gamers the second they pre-order titles, Xbox will instead charge accounts 14 days or less before the pre-ordered game launches.

There are plenty of other things in the latest preview build. For the full run-down, be sure to check out Xbox Live’s Major Nelson blog.


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