DICE details what’s next for “Star Wars Battlefront”

Developer DICE has revealed new free and premium DLC to be released over the coming months.

In an official update this morning, DICE shared their summer support plans for Star Wars Battlefront. First and foremost, the developer was eager to reveal offline modes are coming to the game next week — a beloved feature from the original Pandemic-developed Battlefront titles.


The mode, titled Skirmish, will launch on July 20 and will allow gamers to fight AI bots alone or with a friend via co-op split screen (split screen is console only). Skirmish features Walker Assault and Fighter Squadron modes that are playable across several difficulty levels.

Later in their update, DICE also announced that more free weapon-centric Hutt Contracts are coming in addition to more log-in rewards and open trials for the just-released Bespin expansion.

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 4.22.23 PM.png

In September, the developer plans to finally release the Death Star expansion to Season Pass holders. Though they were light on the specifics, DICE promised more maps on the ground and in space. Like the previous expansions, the Death Star DLC will add two new heroes (one of which is “larger-than-life”). Those who snag the expansion can also expect more exclusive weapons and Star Cards.

While it seems DICE is doing everything they can to add to the once barebones Battlefront, it’s hard to miss staple modes like Galactic Conquest that made its predecessors so great.

Source: DICE/EA


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