Multiplayer coming to TellTale games

TellTale’s new multiplayer mode makes any narrative games decidedly more social.

Party gamers and streamers (maybe) rejoice! TellTale is set to debut “Crowd Play” when Batman: The TellTale Series launches on August 2.

The mode is still dependent on one person controlling movement and environmental interaction, but when it comes to decision-making, up to 2,000 gamers can vote for choices that will effect the narrative.


Like the already tremendously popular Jackbox party games, Crowd Play using extremely flexible. Using a phone, tablet or computer, the game will give a unique code and url where players can join your game.

Although the potential for streaming is huge, TellTale warns that because of latency issues, they don’t recommend using Crowd Play on Twitch or YouTube livestreams. Once latency issues are solved, however, TellTale has you covered claiming their new mode supports “2,000+” players at once.

Crowd Play will be available for the first time when the first installment of Batman: The TellTale Series launches on August 2, 2016.

Source: TellTale


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