Bethesda and PlayStation woes continue

Lack of mods and new DLC are holding Fallout 4 back on PlayStation.

Despite launching on PC and Xbox One earlier this year, mods have yet to come to the PS4 version of Fallout 4. In June, Bethesda reported that mods on the platform would come with a 900 MB cap — less than half the 2GB mod cap on Xbox One. In the same dev notes, Bethesda said, “We are working with Sony to increase this limit,” suggesting the low mod capacity wasn’t on the developer’s end.


A month and a half have passed when thhe VP of PR and Marketing Pete Hines told fans Bethesda still isn’t exactly sure when mods were coming to PS4:

A fan on Twitter asked if the issue was on Bethesda or Sony, Hines said bluntly, “I’ve said what I’m allowed to say.”

Unfortunately, Bethesda has continued to have issues with PlayStation’s platform as recently as the past week. On July 26, Bethesda launched the Vault-Tec Workshop on Xbox One and PC. While the update is coming definitely slated to release PlayStation, it’s yet to be approved by Sony after being submitted by the developer. Of course, it’s semi-frequent for patches to go live on some platforms before others, but it’s now been waiting for approval for over a week.


Bethesda and Sony have had a less-than-stellar relationship for awhile now going all the way back to Skyrim DLC and patch support. The first paid-expansion for Skyrim, titled Dawnguard, took half a year longer to launch on PS3 compared to the Xbox 360 and PC.

At the time, Hines said the issue was the fault of the platform and not Skyrim, saying, “This is not a Dawnguard issue. This is a DLC on PS3 issue. It affected [Dawnguard] because it was the first [DLC].”

Undeniably, things have changed since Skyrim and the PS3. Sony now has the lionshare of the console market, and the PS4 is much easier to develop for compared to its predecessor. With that motivating factor pushing Bethesda along, the developer still, for unexplained reasons, can’t keep business smooth with Sony.

With a rocky history with PlayStation in mind, this does beg the question if Bethesda will be able to launch Skyrim: Definitive Edition on PS4 with the mod support promised at E3. There is just over three months until the remaster launches meaning Sony and Bethesda have plenty of time to come to a mod solution amicably.

Still, if the two companies are hitting snafus just getting simple DLC out-the-door for Fallout 4, it doesn’t seem like their relationship is getting any better.


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