More Hitman is on the horizon

Developer IO Interactive has been vocal about additional Hitman content coming following currently announced episodes.

When Hitman launched on next-gen consoles and PC earlier this spring, it signaled a fantastic return to form for the franchise. The more linear approach to level design that annoyed longtime fans in 2012’s Hitman Absolution were replaced with the more traditional murder sandbox design that feel reminiscent of Blood Money.


Apparently, developer IO Interactive has heard the positive feedback from fans and critics alike and has halfway announced that more content would be coming to Hitman once the currently announced episodes wrap up in the next few months.

IO Interactive’s community manager, Chris Murphy took to the game’s official forums to share the team’s interest in expanding the new storyline across multiple seasons.

“We planned out an intricate storyline that spans across several seasons, and our ambition is to continue and unfold it with future Hitman games,” said Murphy.

The community manager went on to say the team is hard at work on the current season, and that no official announcements would come until the team wrapped up their work on season one.


Over the weekend, one fan of the franchise asked the official Hitman twitter if there were plans to continue on after season one. IO Interactive’s response revealed quite ambitious goals for the game:

While fans will likely have to wait until after the Thailand, U.S. and Japan episodes of season one release for any official plans from the developer, it’s clear there’s definitely more Hitman on the way.

Sources: Hitman forums & Twitter


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