PlayStation Plus price to increase next month

Playing online and getting free games on PlayStation just got a little more expensive.

Starting September 22, 2016, Playstation Plus membership prices will increase in the United States and Canada. For 12 months of Plus U.S. and Canada gamers will have to shell out $59.99 and $69.99 respectively. Both countries will see an increased cost for three month memberships, and Canada’s one month membership will also increase to $11.99 CAD.

It’ll cost a little extra to enjoy online multiplayer next month.

When the PS3 was in its heyday, PlayStation Plus was an optional service that gave games to subscribers each month. When the PS4 was announced in 2013, though, Sony revealed that only PlayStation Plus subscribers could enjoy online multiplayer games. The concept of paying to play online games wasn’t new, as PlayStation’s primary competitor, Xbox, had been charging its customers for online multiplayer years.

Later on in the blog update, it’s noted that this price increase is the first in the United State in Canada since PlayStation Plus launched in 2010. While European and UK PlayStation gamers aren’t facing an increased subscription fee this year, UK and Europe did start paying 25 percent more for one and three month memberships last year to meet “market conditions.”

Although the price increase isn’t too substantial, it would be nice if Sony announced new features or upcoming PlayStation Plus games that are a result of increased cost. Like any subscription service price bump, consumers like to see increased value for increased cost.

Source: PlayStation Blog


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