DICE shows off more Battlefield 1 campaign

With just a few weeks until launch, EA and developer DICE are slowly revealing more of Battlefield 1’s singleplayer content.

Anyone familiar with the Battlefield franchise knows the real bulk of the experience will be spent in massive, class-based multiplayer. Still, for those who would rather lone wolf than squad up, DICE is delivering an episodic campaign that will tell small stories through the eyes of different playable characters across all of the Great War.

In the latest teaser trailer released this afternoon, players step into the boots of an Aznac runner who delivers messages across bloody battlefields. In this particular chapter, the player is dodging incoming fire from the Ottoman Empire at the battle of Gallipoli.

With less than a month ’til we’re all knee deep in muddy trenches, we’re likely to see a few more teaser trailers throughout the next few weeks.

Battlefield 1 launches on Xbox One, PS4 and PC Oct. 21 or eager gamers can pick up the $79.99 USD version of the game for three days early access on Oct. 18. EA and Origin Access subscribers will be given their free trial of the game starting on Oct. 13.


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