Players can pick their gender in Prey

When players step into the shoes of Morgan Yu, they’ll be able to choose a male or female lead.

In both Dishonored 2 and Prey, developer Arkane Studios has made it a priority to allow players to select which gender their avatar will be. While Dishonored 2 features two different character arcs with two different protagonists, Prey will simply let players pick the gender of protagonist Morgan Yu.

Prey’s narrative design is less ambitious than Dishonored 2’s story (which Co-Creative Director Harvey Smith says players will need to play more than once to understand), but it’s also much more intimate. In the horror setting, gender selection is just one more way players can feel at home while fighting off whatever evil is on the other side of your gun.

It’s fantastic to see developers catering to all gamers with moves like this. While the replayability is dampened by gender not impacting story, it also means that you’re free to make whatever decisions you want in a single playthrough and not have to wonder “what if?”

Compare the trailer above to the E3 original:

Again, everything is overwhelmingly the same, but the minor tonal differences in the male and female voice give off slightly different emotions. Arkane’s choice might not matter to everyone, but to some, it’ll make all the difference.


One thought on “Players can pick their gender in Prey”

  1. It’s an interesting addition, even if the implementation is limited to cosmetics alone, but I don’t see it being integral in any way to the game’s prospective success or failure. Much about the game shown so far, even in these rather brief glimpses, paints a picture (so far) of a fairly generic space shooter. It’s hard to be unbiased either way, in my case, and I’m sure many others’, when considering the incredible Prey 2 concept against this one. I’d like to say I hope it turns out well, but if I’m being honest, as I have no interest in the game they’ve shown here yet, and again with the lost Prey 2 in mind, their opting for this concept versus that one almost makes me want the game to fail on the difference alone.


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