Gears of War 4 gets expensive Run The Jewels microtransactions

Gears of War 4 fans can play as Killer Mike and El-P if they’re willing to drop serious cash.

UPDATE: El-P has confirmed on Twitter that Microsoft set the price and that RTJ was not part of the pricing decision. The rapper says fans can expect their album to be free when it releases in the coming months.


ORIGINAL STORY: When it launched in early October, Gears of War 4 has hosted a variety of microtransactions ranging from the affordable Versus Packs ($0.99)to the pricy Elite Packs ($4.99). Since then, developer The Coalition has had a range of other micro transaction packs like the eSports Supporter pack that had a chance of exclusive skins for $9.99 per pack. Today, Gears of War microtransactions have been pushed even further with the Run The Jewels Airdrop, which features rappers Killer Mike and El-P as well as gun skins and bounties for $19.99.

The pack, which contains 18 weapon skins, character bounties that boost XP and the rap duo sure looks sweet, but the price is something many fans in the Gears of War and Xbox One subreddits have been up in arms about.

Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 12.04.26 PM.png

Of course, it’s worth noting the microtransactions are purely cosmetic, but it’s still a shame to see a fully priced AAA game with a $50 season pass charge so much for skins. As it’s been pointed out on social media, Run The Jewels has a habit of releasing new music free of charge, so seeing Coalition charge gamers so much for their likeness comes as a bit of a surprise.

The Run The Jewels Airdrop is launching in tandem with the first big title update for Gears of War 4. Starting later today, gamers with the season pass can play Gears of War 3’s Checkout and Drydock maps remastered for Gears 4. Starting next week, those without the season pass can download the maps free of charge.


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