Everything you need to know about N7 Day 2016

Mass Effect fans got tons of new info on upcoming releases and new ways to enjoy the original trilogy.

This year’s N7 Day celebration was especially rich for Mass Effect junkies. First, Bioware released a trailer for Mass Effect Andromeda. The team isn’t quite ready to give out a solid release date, but the trailer is touting a “Spring 2017” window.

Additionally, plenty of goodies related to Mass Effect Andromeda were released and leaked throughout the day. First and foremost, Andromeda will have a $199 USD Collector’s Edition which comes with a remote control NOMAD ND-1. Strangely, according to Best Buy’s listing, the Collector’s Edition comes with the remote control vehicle and a steenbook, but it doesn’t say anything about actually including the disc or download code. Pre-order at your own risk, as always.


If the $199 Collector’s Edition is a little steep for your taste, EA’s Origin site also has three other versions of the game up for pre-order: Standard Edition, Deluxe Edition and Super Deluxe Edition. They’ve even got a handy chart that helps you compare what’s in each edition of Mass Effect Andromeda. Bioware has also released the box art for the Standard and Deluxe Editions of the game.

From a Best Buy listing of the Deluxe Edition, it’s listed that the game supports up to four players in a multiplayer mode. While it’s yet to be announced, it’s assumed this will be the second iteration of the Mass Effect co-op mode that was introduced in Mass Effect 3. The Deluxe Edition comes with a “Multiplayer Launch Pack” which has weapons and gear to kickstart your co-op experience. Gamers who drop serious dough for the Super Deluxe Edition will get a weekly Premium Pack for 20 weeks to keep the content drip going fast. It remains unclear if it’ll be possible to earn packs in-game through progression, but we’re sure to learn more as we get closer to launch.

To build hype, Bioware and EA also launched the Andromeda Initiative where gamers can sign up to get latest information on Mass Effect Andromeda and the new open-world Bioware has created. The program also promises those who complete the program are eligible for awards in the retail version of the game. Little is known about how much participation is necessary for the Initiative, but there’s speculation that it will be similar to the Battlefield Insiders who took surveys and got one day early access to a beta. With multiplayer co-op likely making a return, it’s likely we could see the same thing happen with Andromeda.

Lastly, Mass Effect fans on Xbox One can now enjoy the entire Mass Effect trilogy via backwards compatibility. It’s also been confirmed that gamers with a subscription to EA Access can download the three games free of charge.

What are your thoughts on N7 Day 2017?


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