Xbox boasts big 15 year anniversary stats

Today marks the 15th year of Xbox.

On November 15, 2001, Microsoft launched the Xbox alongside launch titles like Halo: Combat Evolved, Dead or Alive 3 and Project Gotham Racing. Since then, the platform has grown substantially adding Gears of War and Forza Motorsport as its hallmark exclusives.

To partake in their own celebration, Xbox shared some impressive statistics from their first 15 years. Check them out:

  • Number of players:  222,468,423
  • Number of total gaming hours: 100,539,390,670
  • Number of total multiplayer hours: 29,000,304,183
  • Number of Achievements unlocked:  32,667,582,157
  • Gamerscore racked up:  572,605,554,587
  • Highest Gamerscore: 1,416,465
  • Number of Xbox Live friendships made:  4,233,891,482

Earlier this week, Xbox One’s latest update went live and added clubs where friends and strangers alike can band together to share interests and game together. Xbox has launched an official club for the 15 year anniversary called “Celebrate 15 Years of Xbox”, which you can join by logging onto your Xbox today. Microsoft and Xbox employees will be jumping into multiplayer matches all day with members of the club.


If you’re a Forza fan, there’s 15 year anniversary Ford F-150 Raptors going out to gamers who log into Horizon 3 today. Additionally, Halo developer 343 Industries is giving out a special 15 year anniversary REQ pack to gamers who log into Halo 5 Guardians anytime between today and Nov. 22.

If you’re feeling particularly social media savvy today, Xbox will also be interacting with gamers who are sharing their favorite Xbox memories on Twitter who use the “#15YearsOfXbox” hashtag.


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