Batman: Guardian of Gotham release date announced

The fourth installment in TellTale’s Batman series launches early next week.

The next TellTale Batman episode, Guardian of Gotham, will launch on consoles, PC and mobile on Nov. 22, 2016. With less than a week until launch, TellTale’s trailer reminds us that Bruce Wayne and Batman aren’t in a good place following the conclusion of episode three.

In the episode four press release, TellTale says there will be a lot of variation in the next two episodes:

Players will leave this episode in very different places depending on where they choose to go in the third act, and this will greatly affect their story rolling into the season finale as well.

Batman season pass holders will be able to download the fourth episode free of charge, and those who pick up individual episodes à la carte can buy episode four for $4.99.

In case you missed it, Bear Claw Gaming has covered each of the releases for the Batman series. While the story is promising and features a great balance of new and old, performance issues have held them back from greatness.

The penultimate installment in TellTale’s Batman, Guardian of Gotham, launches on November 22 on Xbox One, PS4, PC and mobile.


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