Oblivion and MW3 are (probably) joining backwards compatibility today

It looks like two gems from last-generation are coming to Xbox One very soon.

Update: According to Xbox Live’s Major Nelson, the listing for both Oblivion and MW3 are an error. Neither title will be joining backwards compatibility today. Sorry, folks!

Original: According to Xbox’s Black Friday sales¬†listing, Elder Scrolls Oblivion and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 are coming to backwards compatibility. While neither game is currently playable on Xbox One as of the morning of Nov. 18, it’s possible that they could go online in the afternoon like other backward compatible titles.

In case Microsoft pulls the two games, here’s a quick screen grab:

Note Oblivion and Modern Warfare 3 in the bottom row.

Of course, these listing could be a simple mistake, but the fact that the game boxes have the “Plays on Xbox One” added to the visual means this might be a little more concrete.

If this listing is legit, you’ll see Xbox Live’s Major Nelson announce it officially on Twitter around noon today.


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