TellTale announces ‘Walking Dead – A New Frontier’ release date

The highly anticipated third season of TellTale’s Walking Dead series will premiere later this month.

After the first trailer for the third Walking Dead series, developer TellTale has been quiet about the third true season of the game. Thankfully, the radio silence has ended and gamers can expect the first episode to launch Dec. 20, 2016, on Xbox One, PS4, PC, mobile and last-gen consoles.

In a press release, TellTale confirmed that there will be five episodes in A New Frontier. The release also gave more details to the game’s point of view. While many expected the player to assume the role of Clementine after the events of season two, TellTale has revealed that gamers will instead play as Javier who meets Clementine after losing his family.


Those who prefer physical copies will have to wait until Feb. 7, 2016 when physical Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game release. Beware, the disc will only come with the first episode pre-loaded and the following four episodes in the season will require an internet connection to download.

TellTale also revealed that gamers who digitally pre-order the season pass for A New Frontier on PS4 will get Walking Dead: Season Two and Walking Dead: Michonne as an added bonus. The developer doesn’t say if bonuses will be granted to gamers on other platforms.

A first look at episode one gameplay will premiere at the Game Awards 2016 on Dec. 1, 2016, so fans who are eager for a first look at what’s changed from mainline installments might want to tune in.


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