Gears of War 4’s second update adds maps; tweaks gameplay

The Coalition’s second title update for Gears 4 adds original maps and fixes core gameplay.

Gears of War 4’s December update is coming on December 6 for all players. With it comes two new maps, Speyer and Glory. For one week, the maps will be exclusive to season pass owners in the “developer playlist” before they’ll be added to standard playlists on December 13. Like all multiplayer maps, these two will be free of charge to all players as long as they remain in versus rotation.



From the Xbox and Coalition’s announcement, Speyer is a map that challenges players ability to fight at different ranges. It’ll feature tight interior spaces for close quarter combat and plazas that cater to ranged engagements. Glory, on the other hand, is a COG fortress that includes a massive mounted toured that can cut through teams. The Coalition has also announced that two maps from the original release, Relic and Gridlock will be removed from rotation for a time to make room for the new maps. Those with the season pass can still play Relic and Gridlock in horde or private matches.

As for general improvements, this update will also include daily rewards for logging in and playing versus matches, better visual feedback when using the Gnasher, vertical splitscreen on Windows 10 and rebalanced footstep audio. According to the Coalition, there’s a little more to the update and they’ll release full patch notes sometime tomorrow.

At the end of the update, Xbox reminds players that friends of Gears of War, Run the Jewels will be performing tonight at the Game Awards with a special “Gears themed” performance. While it seems they’ve said a lot about this update already, Gears fans might find more about the upcoming update during the show tonight.



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