Battlefield 1’s first DLC map launches next week

“Giant’s Shadow” the first map coming to Battlefield 1, is free to all players.

On Dec. 20, all Battlefield 1 owners can climb out of the trenches and into the train yards of the “Giant’s Shadow”, and those who have picked up Battlefield Premium will have one week of early access starting on the 13th.

According to DICE, “Giant’s Shadow” takes place during the Battle of Selle by the Cateau-Wassigny train yard. As the name suggests, a downed zeppelin dominates the skybox as the British attempt to take the supply railway from the Germans.

In addition to the free map, developer DICE is also adding a new weapon, the grenade crossbow. As a support class weapon, the crossbow comes with two variants: “fragmentation” and “high explosive,” which  focus on infantry or vehicle damage, respectively.

In their official post, DICE also notes that the first major expansion for the game We Shall Not Pass, which will add the French as a playable faction, will arrive in March 2017 as a Premium DLC.

“Giant’s Shadow” will launch on Xbox One, PS4 and PC beginning next week. For more on the update, keep an eye on the Battlefield website.

Source: Battlefield


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