“Infinite Warfare” to host 5 day free trial

The latest installment in the Call of Duty franchise will be free to try for gamers starting this Thursday.

Activision has announced that PS4, Xbox and PC gamers can play Infinite Warfare for free from Dec. 15-20, 2016. The free trial will include the first two campaign missions, multiplayer with a level 15 cap and retro ’80s zombie mode with a level 3 cap.

Developer Infinity Ward and Activision also add that any experience gained in the free trial will carry over to those who purchase the full version of the game.

As for why a game that just launched a month ago is already giving out nearly a week of free play time is up for debate. While the game got average to slightly-above average critical reception, the game supposedly saw a 51 percent decrease in retail sales compared to last year’s Black Ops 3 installment, according to NPD group.

In the past, Activision has held free weekends for Call of Duty, particularly on PC, but usually not until late spring or early fall before the next game launches. This quick turn around to bring in new players might mean the publisher is disappointed in sales thus far.

Since its announcement just before Battlefield 1 last spring, Infinite Warfare has struggled with public perception. The reveal trailer is the most disliked in game trailer history on YouTube, with many fans complaining about the departure from standard “boots on the ground” gameplay.

To cater to the nostalgic, Activision sweetened the Infinite Warfare deal by including Call of Duty 4: Remastered for those who shelled out $79.99 or $99.99 for the Legacy and Legacy Pro editions, respectively. Still, without offering the game in the standard version of the Infinite Warfare or selling the remaster as a standalone product, gamers’ lukewarm feelings towards the ever-aging franchise remain.

Will you be trying out Infinite Warfare during the trial period, or will you be passing up this chance at Infinity Ward’s latest military romp? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below or on Twitter.

Source: Activision Blog


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