Scalebound bound for development hell, cancellation

Platinum’s Xbox One exclusive might not have a future according to sources close to the matter.

Update: Windows Central is reporting official word from Xbox that Scalebound has been cancelled.

Reported first by KotakuLiam Robertson and Twitter and GAF user Shinobi602, it looks as though Platinum’s Scalebound might not make it nearly three years after its initial announcement. Eurogamer is also reporting that all development on the game has been halted at this time.

Kotaku reached out to Microsoft for comment and they responded saying, “We’ll have more to share on ‘Scalebound’ soon.” This alone doesn’t indicate anything big, but it seems a little damning they don’t immediately dispel any signs of cancellation.

Last week, Xbox shared their vision for the future of the platform in 2017 noting several multiplatform and exclusive games – Scalebound wasn’t in the list. Of course, that could mean nothing because games like Sea of Thieves and Crackdown were also absent from the listing.


If Scalebound is cancelled, it would be the second major exclusive for the Xbox platform that vanished this year following Fable Legends and the shut down of Lionhead Studios.

If Scalebound is added to the list Xbox has cancelled a half dozen projects including: Fable Legends, Phantom DustScaleboundPress Play Community GameProject Spark and Xbox Fitness.

Captured from Crackdown’s GamesCom trailer

Another Xbox exclusive, Crackdown, has also been silent for quite awhile following its cloud-based tech demo debut at GamesCom 2015. Rumor has it the game had been delayed to work on the singleplayer component of the game, but even Crackdown hasn’t been able to escape murmurs of cancellation across sites like NeoGAF, Twitter and Reddit.

While Crackdown seems to be in a better position than Scalebound when it comes to the rumor mill, time will tell if one or both consoles will ever see the light of day. This could all end up pure nonsense, but with this much talk of Scalebound‘s trouble development, another delay or cancellation seems reasonable.


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