Nintendo Switch’s “ARMS” won’t require motion controls

You won’t have to flail your arms to beat up opponents in Nintendo’s new boxing game.

During Thursday night’s Nintendo Switch reveal, the company showed off a new first party game called ARMS that’s all about arcade-y 1v1 boxing with whacky characters. Shown off in the demo is the precision of the new joy-con controllers, and how nuanced hand motions can really impact each fight.

During Nintendo’s Treehouse event on Friday, the company went a little deeper with how to play ARMS. In the video (below) the Nintendo team who’s playing notes at the 52:15 minute mark that the motion controls are simply an option and more standard button controls are also an option.

The irony of a game called ARMS that doesn’t require you to use yours isn’t lost on me, but it’s still nice to see Nintendo stray away from forced motion control. It’ll be interesting to see how a gamepad will respond to very specific controls like punches that have curve to the left or the right after they’re thrown.

While flexibility with ARMS is a good idea for fighting game purists and perhaps disabled gamers, it’ll be interesting to see how players who use motion controls stack up against those who use standard button inputs. There may be different advantages and disadvantages to both, but that won’t be clear until the game releases.

Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 1.34.37 PM.png

Like most of the games shown at the Switch event, the release date for ARMS isn’t quite locked down yet. All we know is that the game won’t make the Switch’s March 3 release date, but will hit store shelves before summer comes around barring any delays. As for pricing, the game will not be included with the console as some predicted. For the time being, ARMS is listed on Amazon for $59.99 USD.

ARMS is a Nintendo Switch exclusive that launches sometime after the console launches this spring.


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