Mass Effect Andromeda cinematic trailer details story, crew members

With less than two months until Andromeda’s release, developer Bioware is at last revealing plot intricacies
In large part, the overarching story Bioware is telling with Mass Effect Andromeda has been a mystery. Thanks to today’s cinematic trailer, we have a little more context to just what Ryder and crew will be up to. A ship lost in space, an ambush from evil aliens and a crew there to save the day might seem like run-of-the-mill Mass Effect/sci-fi trops, but there’s a fair bit of new info for us to mine from the new trailer.

Thanks to the cinematic, we also have a little more information on Ryder’s crew members. As pictured from left to right, we have PeeBee, Liam, protagonist Ryder, Cora and Drack. Although it’ll be tough to replace Mordin, Andromeda’s new Salarian, Kallo Jath, is now your pilot around the galaxies. While there’s likely more in the full game, it’s nice Bioware has started to introduce the crew a little more thoroughly now. If you want an even deeper look at some of Andromeda’s cast, check out the new Andromeda Initiative video.

Perhaps one of the most interesting notes is crew member Liam saying he’d waited “600 years for this.” Clearly the crew has been in cryogenic sleep for several centuries, but what exactly is he referring to? Fighting off new threats? Or to arrive and colonize new parts of space. It’s hard to say, but Bioware hasn’t shyed away from portraying some humans as intergalactic imperialists in the past. Either way, 600 years gives us plenty of interesting plot possibilities. Was Ryder and crew put into cryogenic sleep before, during or after the original trilogy. Do the peope of the new galaxies know about any of that? Again, to have so much to learn with less than 60 days until launch is exciting as it is alarming.

This trailer also shows off the main villain much more, and offers a deeper understanding of his motivations. Plus, it’s neat to see Bioware add different alien races that weren’t around in the original trilogy. Too bad these guys don’t seem too friendly.

Another positive from the cinematics: It looks like the facial animation glitches that became a meme after last year’s Game Awards are nowhere to be found. Hopefully that translates into the actual moment-to-moment gameplay as well.

Did the latest Andromeda trailer do enough to pique your interest, or do you still need to see a little more gameplay before you’re convinced it’s a worthy successor to the original trilogy? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below or on Twitter!


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