Nintendo further delays Animal Crossing mobile

Nintendo is pushing back the mobile Animal Crossing game to make room for other releases.

In a financial statement, Nintendo quietly announced Animal Crossing’s mobile debut will be pushed back until the companies next fiscal year. The delay, according to Nintendo, is primarily the result of the upcoming free-to-play Fire Emblem Heroes, which is slated to release on iOS and Android February 2. Additionally, Nintendo reconfirms that iOS’ timed exclusive Super Mario Run will arrive on Android in March.


Thankfully, Nintendo’s fiscal year ends in March, so Animal Crossing could hit mobile devices as soon April 2017. Little is known about the depth of the Animal Crossing’s mobile game. Whether it plays like a core entry or more like Amiibo Festival or Happy Home Designer remains unclear. Knowing Nintendo, we’ll likely have another Tree House stream a little later this year that will fully flesh out the details.

Of course, Nintendo also has their next console, Switch, releasing on March 3, so perhaps the company is just trying to spread out content for fans all year. After all, the same financial statement is stressing the importance of the console’s launch along with Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which is bound to captivate gaming culture for at least of few weeks.

Either way, I know more than a few people who’ve been waiting months for more on the Animal Crossing mobile game. In the meantime, New Leaf’s beefy 2016 patch will have to tide fans over.


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