Beam coming to select Xbox Insiders today

Microsoft’s native Beam app is launching for select alpha users starting today.

Beam, the game streaming service Microsoft acquired last year final allowed native streaming on Xbox Insiders earlier this month. Now, just a few weeks later, the official app will head to select “alpha ring” users so they can watch, chat and interact with other streamers straight from the console.

For those who’ve spent most of their time watching and streaming on YouTube or Twitch, game interaction probably seems unreasonable due to stream latency. With Beam, streams have such a minute delay that viewers can directly interact with a streamer’s game. According to the official Xbox announcement, any stream can incorporate interactivity with things like soundboards. Overtime, more complex interactions may work their way to Beam natively on Xbox One.

Brad Rossetti of Xbox and Windows PC Gaming at Microsoft shared on Twitter that the initial wave of alpha users will gain access to the Beam app tonight at 6 p.m. PST/9 p.m. EST.

For those who aren’t Xbox Insiders, the updated Xbox guide has added a Beam tab which allows you to start a stream and manage your stream on the fly. While the current build has some bugs, they’ll all be worked out before Beam, and the rest of the “creator update” go live to the general public sometime down the road.

Xbox Insiders who get the access to the Beam app can expect to hit bugs or some rough-around-the-edges features. Be sure to relay that through Preview Program feedback.


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