Rogue Legacy creators unveil next game

Full Metal Furies is a brawler that looks to be a little of Castle Crashers, a little Metal Slug and just a pinch of Super Time Force put together for co-op fun.

Cellar Door Games, best known for its incredibly fun but brutally difficult Rogue Legacy, has announced a brand new game: Full Metal Furies.

One of the key tenets Cellar Door focused on was redefining the brawler genre for a new generation. For the team, that meant coop, class-based combat, hunting for hidden treasure and solving puzzles as a team while still maintaining the tried-and-true combat the developers mastered in Rogue Legacy.

Cooperation and class synergy seem to be the heart of Full Metal Furies coop gameplay. Similar to Guacamelee, enemies will have different strengths and weaknesses, so players will need to coordinate specific attacks from each of the character classes to deal damage. With four distinct character classes that changed up the flow of combat, players will want to team up or use the “pick two” system if they’re playing solo. Pick two will allow a player to swap seamlessly from one class to another on the fly to handle enemies and traversal.

Full Metal Furies will feature up to four player Windows 10 and Xbox One cross-play when it launches in 2017. Players on either platform can form parties to take down Titans and save Athens.

While today’s announcement of Steam, Windows 10 and Xbox One support, some PlayStation fans might be ready to pull out the pitchforks. Still, Cellar Door Games have released games on PS4 in the past – sometimes literal years after initial launch (Rogue Legacy) – so it wouldn’t be unsurprising if it made it to Sony’s console eventually.

Full Metal Furies will debut on Steam, Windows 10 and Xbox One sometime this year.


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