Final Mass Effect Andromeda trailer is all about surviving the unknown

With less than two weeks until launch, Bioware’s final trailer for Andromeda is packed with action and exploration.

Ahead of Mass Effect Andromeda’s March 21 release, developer Bioware is showing of the Andromeda galaxy one last time, and it sure seems like everything there wants to kill you.

While exploration is nothing new to the Mass Effect series, it seems Bioware has made it more of a priority for protagonist Ryder compared to Shepherd in the original trilogy. Between that and the slick and faster-than-ever combat the developers have shown off in previous trailers, Andromeda looks like it’s going to be pretty slick.

For those dying to get their hands on Andromeda early, EA Access and Origin Access on Xbox One and PC respectively will offer a 10 hour trial of the game starting on March 16. Bioware has said campaign progression will be capped to prevent players from spoiling the story for others, but the game’s cooperative multiplayer will be fully available with the only limit being the 10 hour playtime limit.

Bioware General Manager Aaryn Flynn also revealed that all the game’s multiplayer maps will be free for all players just like Mass Effect 3. Still, it’s quite likely the game will feature microtransactions to open up loot crates to deck out your co-op character.


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