Rocket League announces new mode

Dropshot, the newest mode coming to Rocket League next week, is all about scoring through the floor.

Up until now, all of Rocket League’s modes and variants have had the same end objective: Get the ball in your opponent’s goal. The new mode, Dropshot, turns traditional Rocket League gameplay on its head and instead goals will appear as holes in the ground after the ball bounces in an area a few times. For a better explanation of how scoring works, check out developer Psyonix’s Dropshot trailer.

In a match of Dropshot, the ball goes through three different phases. At first, the ball just does damage to a hexagon each time it makes contact. In the second and third phase, the longer the ball is airborne, the more damage it will inflict on nearby hexagons upon landing. The further a match progresses, the more damage the ball will do to the floor.

Dropshot is due out on all platforms on March 22, 2017 and will free to all players. At launch, the game mode will have one map, Core 707.

The same update will also feature several new crate items for players to unlock. The new update will also add new boosts and finishes as well as new maps. Players can also keep their eyes peeled for new achievements as well.

For more on Dropshot and the update hitting Rocket League on March 22, visit Psyonix’s website.


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