Xbox One’s next update will add custom gamerpics, Arena tournaments and improved LFG settings

Select Xbox Insiders will be able to test new features coming to Xbox One in the coming weeks and months.

According to Xbox’s Major Nelson, a range of new additions will start rolling out to Xbox Insiders in the Alpha Ring in the coming weeks. As part of the ongoing “Creator’s Update” that’s slowly rolled out over the first few months of 2017, this next wave of features will add custom gamerpics and new ways to organize co-op and competitive matches on Xbox Live.


The upcoming Arena feature is a new way to organize and participate in tournaments on Xbox One and Windows 10. Arena aims to streamline joining competitive tournament matches, provide automatic results and publish your wins and losses on the Xbox Activity Feed. The Feed will also keep you up-to-date with on-going and upcoming matches you’ve signed up to compete in. World of Tanks is the first game to take full advantage of Arena with a partnership with the ESL.


While Major Nelson didn’t share too much about custom gamerpics, he did say the feature would be staying in Xbox Insider testing for longer than other features while the development team refines and likely phallus-proofs the system. The Xbox team is saying players will be able to add custom images from Windows 10, Xbox One or mobile, so it seems possible we’ll be able to use images from the web on our profiles.

Another great feature is “Captive Portal” for college students or travelers who deal with in-browser Wi-Fi authentication. Previously, if the only way to access the internet was by signing in through an internet browser, the Xbox One wouldn’t be able to connect to Live services. Thanks to Captive Portal, connecting to Xbox Live should be easier for those who frequent hotels, or free Wi-Fi areas.

The LFG system will also see refinement with expanded filtering that will offer contextual information to players interested in joining matches like player kill/death ratio in a game like Halo or driver level in Forza. Achievement hunters will also be able to pin a specific achievement they’re after within their LFG post making it easier than ever to find a group working toward the same achievement.


Another small but entirely necessary addition to the platform includes the ability to split games in the “My Games & Apps” folder into Xbox One and Xbox 360 releases. As the backwards compatibility program grows, it was only a matter of time before this feature became essential.

While Major Nelson avoided giving Xbox Insiders an exact date for the new features coming to Xbox One this spring, he said they’d begin rolling out over the next month. For the full post of upcoming changes to Xbox One, visit Major Nelson’s blog.



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