Xbox introduces kicks off new “Tech Series” controllers

Starting next month, the Recon Tech Special Edition will be first in a series of new “Tech Series” controllers.

Xbox’s Major Nelson has announced the newest Xbox One and Windows 10 controller, the Recon Tech Special Edition will hit shelves starting April 25, 2017. The controller, which will eventually have siblings in the same series, uses military recon designs and laser-etched textures. The controller is also bringing the diamond grip texture that was popularized by the Lunar White controller which debuted in 2015.



The controllers will also feature the same editions that came to the new line of Xbox controllers in August 2016 meaning improved wireless range and Bluetooth. Xbox is emphasizing the new design as just another step the brand is making as it approaches the launch of Xbox Game Pass and the beefy Scorpio later this year.


What do you think of the Recon Tech Special Edition? Are you snagging the Recon Tech on April 25, waiting for later Tech Series releases or skipping it all together? Feel free to share your thoughts here or on Twitter.


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