Gears of War 4 update rebalances multiplayer, adds 2 maps

The sixth major update to Gears of War 4 is about refinement to the core multiplayer experience.

Gears of War 4 received a 5 GB patch that tunes-up multiplayer weapons, increases weapon respawn timers and update Ranked Play. In addition to the quality of life improvements, developer The Coalition also released to Gears of War 3 legacy maps, The Slab and Hotel to the Developer Playlist. On April 11, the maps will be added to all playlists where they can be played free-of-charge to all players.

Since launch, Coalition has released 12 maps, eight of which are legacy maps from earlier games and one that is a variation of a map from the base-game. Meaning that in six months, the Coalition has only release three original DLC maps.

As a tradition, Gears of War 4 will also host its own Easter Event starting the week of April 11 with a new mode called “Bunny Hunt,” which is a cosmetic -twist on the staple game-mode “Guardian.” To go along with the mode, players can also earn five easter-themed chocolate weapon skins during the Easter Event.


Later in the month, another unannounced COG character will join the multiplayer roster, and Kantus will join the Swarm sometime this month through Gear Pack unlocks. The Coalition has yet to say if the characters will be cartable with in-game currency “scrap.”

For full details of weapon and map rebalances, check out Coalition’s community blog update. What do you think of the April update? Are you excited for weapon changes? Is The Coalition working hard enough to bring all-new original maps to the game, or are they relying on legacy maps to carry out the promise of 24 DLC maps in the first year.


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