Marvel Heroes Omega coming to Xbox One and PS4 this spring

Developer Gazillion Entertainment has announced its MMO “Marvel Heroes Omega” will be heading to consoles this spring.

Gazillion Entertainment has announced its previously PC-exclusive Marvel MMO will be coming to PS4 this spring and a little later to Xbox One. The staggered release date, according to Gazillion, has to do with the small size of the studio and the demands of porting and supporting both consoles.

Gazillion has said that the console versions of the game will have their own as items and user interface, meaning cross-play with PC isn’t going to happen. At this time, Gazillion said they don’t have any plans to make characters or profile transfers between consoles or PC an option. This limitation is likely due to the differing scope and items in each of platforms.

To test the game ahead of launch, the developer will hold closed and open betas on both platforms, starting with PS4 first in the coming weeks. Those who play the beta will earn the Daredevil character free of charge. Much like Paragon, Marvel Heroes Omega will feature Founders Packs that players can buy to secure their access in the closed, open and early access versions of the game. Folks who purchase in-game currency with real-world money will also secure access to the early access version of the game on PS4.

At PS4 and Xbox One launch, the game will feature 38 characters. Founders Pack owners will also have exclusive access to War Machine and Iron Fist for the first 6 months of launch until they can be purchased à la carte. Along with other activities like Operations, the console versions of the game will also include the 9-chapter campaign from the PC version.

Marvel Heroes Omega launches on PS4 and Xbox One this spring, for more information on the upcoming release, visit Gazillion’s forums and console Q&A.


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