New map coming to Battlefield 1 in June

Battlefield developer DICE has announced a new map coming first to Battlefield Premium owners in June.

Nivelle Nights, a map centered around French and German conflict in France along Malmaison and Soupir. The announcement comes straight from the Battlefield 1 website. DICE describes the map as being lit by the moon, searchlights and artillery fire. When it launches sometime this June, Premium subscribers can play it free-of-charge.

This isn’t the first non-expansion pack related map to be added to Battlefield 1. In December 2016, Premium owners and those who pre-ordered the game got first access to the Giant’s Shadow map. With Nivelle Nights, it remains unclear if DICE has plans for the map become available to everyone a few weeks later. It’s also unclear what fee, if any, will be tied to the map for non-Premium users if the developer does open it up to everyone later on.

The release timing of Nivelle Nights is somewhat bizarre. It will launch between two-to-three months after the French-centric “They Shall Not Pass” and will be closer to the release of the Russian expansion, “In the Name of the Czar” which is due out this summer. Considering the two factions battling on Nivelle Nights, it’s a little odd the map didn’t join “They Shall Not Pass” last month.

The map is currently playable in the Community Test Environment (CTE) on PC and a few users were able to snap screenshots of the work-in-progress map. Based on a few screens, time-of-day changes could be part of the map design.

Since DICE announced Battlefield 1 will start receiving monthly updates from here on out, it’s likely that they’ll have more to say about Nivelle Nights’ release in the coming months.




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