Black Ops 2 comes to Xbox One via backwards compatibility

Call of Duty: Black Ops II is now playable on Xbox One thanks to the back compat program.

As of today, Treyarch and Activision’s incredibly successful Black Ops II is playable on Xbox One. Xbox Live’s Major Nelson took to Twitter to break the news this afternoon.

Xbox leaders, including Phil Spencer, were excited to break the news both because they game has had a ton of requests from consumers and because their Twitter feed had become cluttered with fans begging for the game to be supported through backwards compatibility. Nelson even joked on Twitter about the never-ending back compat begging on Twitter. Note the first (satirical) reply:


For those looking to download the game, it’s a whopping 16GB.

Along with hundreds of other games during the Xbox Spring Sale, Black Ops II is on sale on the Xbox Marketplace ($19.99 USD). The game is also available at retailers like GameStop for $17.99. Like previous back compat releases, it’s safe to assume the used price for Black Ops II will jump higher through supply and demand in the coming days.

For more on Black Ops II and the full list of backwards compatibility releases, check out Major Nelson’s blog.


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