After site error, Xbox voids all FanFest tickets and vows to restart registration

Xbox’s E3 fan event is restarting its registration process after site error.

On the morning of April 19, 2017, Xbox opened up its E3 2017 FanFest event page where the company promised to host 500 fans for a closed door. After a site error, Xbox Live’s Major Nelson says more than 500 fans were granted registration to the event. As a result, Nelson says Xbox will restart FanFest registration.

Nelson also said those who registered and were accepted to the event this morning will have to re-register for the event. Because this means they might not be granted entry into the event after all, Xbox is offering a “something special” to those effected by the cancellation as a consolation prize.

For those completely out of the loop, Xbox FanFest is an event hosted by Xbox each E3 that allows a select number of gamers to come and check out Xbox hardware and software during E3. Before the event when public earlier this year, FanFest was especially enticing to the public who had little other way of attending any official E3 events.

The Xbox Scorpio dev kit.

This year’s Xbox FanFest is set to feature games and first hands-on time for gamers on Xbox Scorpio, which is due for a full unveiling at E3 2017. This year’s FanFest will run from June 11-June 13, 2017 and will be limited to 500 people who register for a chance to attend the event.


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