DICE announces “Summer of Battlefield”

With monthly updates, a second expansion and a few extra maps in the works, it seems DICE is still dedicated to Battlefield 1.

In a blog update, DICE detailed what the team is calling the “Summer of Battlefield,” which is new tweaks, maps and features coming to the game over the coming months.

Several weeks back, DICE announced its second non-Premium map for Battlefield 1, called Nivelle Nights. The map, which has spent some time in the community test environment on PC, is on scheduled to be released to Premium users in June. DICE has yet to specify if the map will be free to all at a later date or if it’ll remain exclusive to Premium pass users. A second non-Premium map was also announced this morning called Prise de Tahure, which is all about the French and German armies fighting for control of trenches and villages. The map doesn’t have an approximate release date yet, but DICE says it’ll be heading to CTE on PC soon.

A look at the upcoming Prise de Tahure map

The May update for Battlefield 1 is also right around the corner. While DICE has yet to publish official patch notes, its blog update said Operations will get its very own playlist with rolling matches and “easier access to get quickly into the action.” While easier access is vague, DICE might be hinting at making the cutscenes that play at the beginning of Operations matches skippable. It’s hard to say, though, as they primarily act as a loading screen buffer. For final notes about the May update, keep an eye on Battlefield’s Twitter.

Those who spent time playing with non-Premium users during Battlefest last month will be happy to know DICE is taking data collected from the “Premium Friends” feature to create a plan for future content. What they’ve got planned is still unannounced, but it seems like some iteration of Premium Friends will be returning.

In the Name of the Czar concept art

With EA Play coming in June (in parallel with E3), DICE also plans to let players try out the second expansion, In the Name of the Czar, in-person during EA Play and even online for those who aren’t attending. They didn’t specify how Battlefield 1 players at home will be able to try the expansion, but the best guest is likely the debut of the new maps in the PC CTE. For those out of the loop, In the Name of the Czar will feature the Russian army. In addition to being a new playable faction, Czar will also add new weapons, vehicles and maps for players to Battlefield 1. As for a release date, In the Name of the Czar is launching in “late summer.

With that date being so late (four-to-five months after the first expansion, which launched in March), it seems Czar has been unofficially delayed. For example, DICE’s Battlefront and Battlefield 4 games both featured their respective second expansions in early-to-mid June. While a delayed expansion is better than a rushed, unpolished experience, it’s interesting to see DICE butt the third and fourth expansions up so close to the launch of Star Wars Battlefront II, which the developer is releasing in mid-November.

Despite the setback of the second expansion, it seems like DICE has a lot in store for Battlefield 1 players in the summer months. Look out for more concrete details on Summer of Battlefield at DICE’s spot during EA Play on June 10, 2017.


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