New Need For Speed to be shown off at EA Play

Developer Ghost Games says new Need for Speed out in 2017; addresses fan criticism.

With just over a month until EA Play (and E3, which EA is skipping once again), Ghost Games has said they’re almost ready to fully unveil Need for Speed 2017. In a blog post, the developer promised that much of the game has been built directly from fan feedback following the less-than-stellar 2015 reboot.

Official Need for Speed 2017 artwork

While Ghost Games was scant on details, they said customization will be deeper this time around and police chases during races will be making a return. The team didn’t get into specifics, but they hinted at the game having “canyons” and the concept art above suggests the game will likely take place in the western United States. Plus, Ghost Games said players will be racing on tarmac and dirt, so it seems there will be more diversity in landscape this time around.

Lastly, and probably most importantly, the developer promises that the game will be playable entirely offline; meaning the pesky and intrusive “always-online” features that plagued the reboot won’t be bogging you down.

The blog post, which you can read here in full, is brief but sheds just enough light on the project to tell fans that their feedback is driving the changes coming to the next Need for Speed. With a launch window of sometime this year, expect a more concrete release date during the game’s full unveiling at EA Play this June.


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