The Culling slashes its way to Xbox One next week

The latest game coming to Xbox One’s Game Preview program channels the Hunger Games in brutal multiplayer combat.

Last year, The Culling released on PC and quickly garnered gamers’ interest and still maintains a cult following today. At Xbox’s 2016 E3 showing, developer Xaviant announced the game would be coming to Xbox One, and after nearly a year of refinement, the game is finally releasing on June 2, 2017 in Xbox’s Game Preview program.

According to the official press release, when The Culling launches on Xbox One next week, the game will feature 16 player multiplayer gameplay where players have to outsmart and outlive opponents using whatever weapons they can scavenge and craft. Players will start with nothing as a 25-minute match begins, and it will be up to them to search out and craft better gear. From spears and knives to guns and grenades, player survival banks entirely on your ability to best your opponents.

With character customization being central to the experience, The Culling has thousands of collectible items and cosmetics that can be pulled from “personal airdrops.” The Culling has offline training and survival modes to help players learn the ropes. As part of the Game Preview, The Culling will also be receiving new features and optimizations as time passes.


For those out of the loop, the Game Preview program started in 2015 and debuted games like The Long Dark and Elite Dangerous. In essence, the program has many similarities to things like Early Access games on PC, but Xbox takes a closer look at each game before approving them for the Preview Program. In doing so, Xbox hopes to cut back on the number of games that float in a semi-playable state in early access never fully releasing. For consumers, Game Preview means a free trial of game so they know what they’re getting into. If they enjoy the game and want to buy, the game is offered at a reduced price. If someone buys into a title while it’s in Game Preview, they own it forever and aren’t subject to the price hike when the game leaves the program.

The Culling is coming to Xbox One’s Game Preview program on Friday, June 2, 2017.


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