IO Interactive announces independence and ownership of Hitman IP

After separating from Square Enix, Io Interactive now has the rights to continue creating and publishing Hitman games.

After publisher Square Enix announced it was severing its relationship with Hitman developer Io Interactive in May, the developer finally confirmed on Twitter that it will continue to make games in the franchise now that it has complete ownership over the intellectual property.

In Io’s full statement, the developer said it successfully negotiated with Square Enix to a management buyout so Io could retain the rights to the Hitman franchise. The developer also said that now that it was completely independent, Io would be free to make collaborations with other studios and publishers in the future.

Last week, Io announced changes to the controversial episodic nature of the Hitman reboot. Starting next week, the developer will be removing the “Intro Pack” and “Upgrade Pack.” Instead, Hitman: The Complete First Season will see a price reduction and individual episodes will remain on the marketplace. Io said these changes have been in consideration since early March as team simply wanted more people to get the full experience rather than simply buying the “Intro Pack.”


Io Interactive has teased a second season to Hitman in the past. The studio could continue with episodic releases, or they could release the entire season as a single product. If marketplace bundle changes are any indication, Io could be looking to alter its release method with season two.

For the full statement from Io Interactive, head on over to the studio’s website.


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