What’s 343 Industries up to?

Halo 6 seems distant, so what’s the team doing for fans in the meantime?

With E3 2017 in the books, it’s fair to say a few mainline Halo fans were left wanting this year. Sure, 343 Industries confirmed a Flood-centric expansion is coming to Halo Wars 2 in November, but for those looking for Halo 6 info this year, it’s hard not to be disappointed. Still, 343 was pretty transparent about the lack of mainline Halo news ahead of E3 this year, so it’s not surprising the team didn’t make much of an appearance.

So when should fans expect to hear more about Halo 6? It’ll be “quite some time,” said 343’s Jeff Easterling in a Halo Waypoint blog update last week. Easterling went on to say Halo 6 (or H3A, for that matter) won’t be at Gamescom in August or PAX in September.


Adding just a bit more heartbreak last week, diehard fans of the mainline Halo franchise couldn’t even get confirmation of Xbox One X support for the still-popular Halo 5 Guardians. Xbox boss Phil Spencer did announce Halo Wars 2, and thirty or so other games, would be getting Xbox One X patches when the console launches in November.

Frank O’Connor, the franchise development director for Halo, teased that just because Spencer didn’t confirm a Guardians patch for One X didn’t mean it wasn’t coming. On NeoGAF, O’Connor, going by the username “Stinkles,” said “Phil has seen things. Cool things.”


Some have speculated that this could mean a resolution bump from 1080p (dynamic resolution) to 4K while others have wondered if the extra power could help deliver splitscreen that the standard Xbox One and One S couldn’t support.

Even if 343 Industries does nothing with Halo 5 on the One X, the game will still see performance improvements. To ensure the game remained at 60fps, 343 set Guardians to have dynamic resolution that scaled back and forth based on the action on screen. With the increased power, the game should be able to output 1080p far more often (if not always).


With the next big Halo game announcement being far off, it will be interesting to see if 343 Industries caters to its core audience that’s still playing Guardians. As for when the Halo 6 will be revealed, it’s safe to say it’ll be late this year or even as late as E3 2018 – who knows 343 might even push it further than that. All we know is that every Halo from now on will have a beta following the disastrous launch of the Master Chief Collection in 2014.

What do you think of Xbox and 343 Industries putting off announcing Halo 6 at this year’s E3? Do you think the studio is still in early development phases, or do you think the team is trying to follow announcement schedules like Bethesda who announces big games months rather than years before they launch. Feel free to share your speculation in the comments below or on Twitter.


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