Beyond Good & Evil 2’s in-engine demo shows ambitious scale

An early look at Beyond Good & Evil 2 shows Ubisoft is aiming to create a massive world for players to explore.

At E3 2017, Ubisoft Montpellier’s Creative Director Michel Ancel showed a closed-door press demo of what his team was aiming to create with Beyond Good & Evil 2. A week later, Ubisoft U.S. has shared the video on YouTube. Check it out!

The demo seems to show an incredible level of detail where a planet exists in a vast solar system and things as intricate as a sunset are no longer designed by artist but are instead the result of calculations like the distance from the sun and the density of the atmosphere.

At times, it was easy during Ancel’s demo to get similar feelings that No Man’s Sky evoked during early demos of the game. Still, the idea of leaving a planet, traveling anywhere in the solar system and landing somewhere else without heavily reusing assets is something to keep an eye on as the game develops. If the team can deliver on that promise without compromise, it’ll be an incredible achievement.

Ancel says his plan for avoiding barren wastes on the planet is to create many different biomes and cities for people to explore. “We don’t want empty planets. We want planets with landmarks, with places to explore… we aim to make our planets living.”


As for delivering on a “living” feeling, Ancel said planets will have their own weather systems and events that are the product of the place it inhabits in the solar system. So one side of the planet might be protected from treacherous conditions while the other more exposed side could be constantly pummeled by meteorites.

“The planet and the story are connected,” said Ancel citing that places with important artifacts or resources might be more prone to slavery and illegal trades. Slavery seems to be at the heart of Beyond Good & Evil 2’s narrative with human-animal hybrids being created in labs to work indefinitely for upper-class citizens.

The cinematic trailer for the game shown at Ubisoft’s E3 press conference shows the mixed tone Ancel and his team are crafting.

At this time, Ubisoft Montpellier doesn’t have a release window for Beyond Good & Evil 2, but the team wants fan feedback and input by participating at

What do you think of the scale shown in the in-engine demo? While it impresses easily, do you think Ubisoft Montpellier can deliver a final product with the same scope? Share your thoughts in the comments below or on Twitter.


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